Clinical Social Work Supervision

Karen Moore, LCSW-QS, CEDS-C and Alyssa Hickey, LCSW-QS  are Qualified Supervisors for Clinical Social Work. Therefore, Karen and Alyssa are qualified to supervise professionals with a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern designation, seeking Licensure in Florida as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Karen Moore, LCSW-QS, CEDS-C

Karen has found that one of her professional passions is providing supervision. She enjoys educating, sharing insights, and witnessing the professional growth of others. Karen's supervision style includes reflection, direction, and compassion. She recognizes the continuous growing need for skilled mental health providers along with provider's needs for balance, therefore she strives to set people up for success by empowering them to feel confident in their work while also utilizing tools for burnout prevention and recovery.

Alyssa Hickey, LCSW-QS

Alyssa's supervision style is marked by compassion, curiosity, and empowerment. Drawing from her own transformative experience with mentors, she guides supervisees to discover their unique strengths and clinical beliefs. Alyssa emphasizes self-care and resilience, equipping individuals with the tools to navigate their roles confidently and effectively.

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