Supervision / Consultation

Case Consultation & Collaboration

If you are a clinician that does not specialize in eating disorders, self-harm, EMDR, or DBT and are looking for how to best aid a client Bloom therapists are able to provide both case consultation and collaboration.

This may take the form of a Bloom therapist:

  • staffing one of your clients with you

  • meeting with your client for a comprehensive therapeutic assessment

  • collaborating with you to provide additional treatment for the client

  • making appropriate treatment recommendations for services or level of care

RCSWI Supervision

Karen Moore, LCSW, CEDS-S is a Qualified Supervisor for Clinical Social Work. Therefore, Karen is qualified to supervise professionals with a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern designation, seeking Licensure in Florida as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Karen has found that one of her professional passions is providing supervision. She enjoys educating, sharing insights, and witnessing the professional growth of others.

Karen's supervision style includes reflection, direction, and compassion. She recognizes the continuous growing need for skilled mental health providers, therefore she strives to set people up for success and empower them to feel confident in their work.

CEDS Supervision

Karen Moore, LCSW, CEDS-S is an iaedp-Approved Supervisor for Certified Eating Disorder Specialists. Therefore, Karen is approved to provide supervision to professionals seeking a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist designation through iaedp (International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals).

Due to the multi-disciplinary work required to treat eating disorders, CEDS-S can provide supervision to those outside of their profession seeking a CEDS. For example, Karen can provide supervision to therapists, dietitians, and medical professionals.

Additionally, as iaedp is an International Association, supervision can be provided across state and national lines.

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